Rebecca and Karen's Fabulous Vacation in Negril, Jamaica. May 26-31, 2002

Sunday May 26th

We arrived in time for sunset!

our villa
Dinner at "World Famous" Rick's Cafe.

Famous for cliff diving and Caribbean sunsets

Patrons can dive from the top of the cliffs - Rebecca demonstrates!
Monday May 27th

Views from our Villa and

around the Rockhouse Hotel

The view from our "porch"

Our home away from home

Our own private walk and sunning area.

The red umbrella is "our" sunning area. Note the ladder going down into the cove for swimming in the Caribbean!

The Rockhouse Hotel's signature landmark -
a bridge connecting the cliffs.

The Pickled Parrot next door had a slide into the Caribbean.

Our villa attendant, Jean Buck, decorated the bed each day.
Another sunset as viewed from

the Rockhouse Hotel bar.

The Rockhouse Restaurant.

Rated one of the best in Negril.

Pre-dinner photo shoot.
Dinner with live music

and dancing (for some)

at La Vendome Restaurant at Charela Inn

Tuesday May 28th

Mayfield Falls and River Walk


Dinner at Xtabi (no pictures)  
Wednesday May 29th

Sunning in the morning...

horseback riding in the afternoon...

dinner at night...what a vacation!

90 minute horseback ride on

550 acres with Rhodes.

One of the guides offered to take our picture.

Our tour guide, Bigger.

Silver and Mandella survived our ride!
Another not-too exciting sunset

at the Rockhouse Bar.

They really weren't too spectacular while

we were there, but we kept hoping.!

Dinner at Norma's Restaurant on the beach at Sea Splash Resort

After dinner, a live Reggae music on the beach.


 Ziggy, was doing a live Internet broadcast
on from the bar.

Tony, our personal cab driver!