"Grace" and "Freddy's" 5 Cockapoo puppies

Born March 7, 2003 at Peter and Janeen Dupuis' home

Updated pictures of the puppies - Summer 2003

"Ginger" "Cosmo" "Hammie" "Zoe" "Mindy"


April 12th

5 weeks and 1 day

The Puppies of Countryside Christian Church



Hammie & Mindy

April 10th

34 days old


Hammie and "Mom"

Cosmo and Ginger

Cosmo and Hammie


April 2nd

26 days old

Mindy, Cosmo, Ginger, Zoe, & Hammie

Mindy and Cosmo

March 31st

24 days old


Mindy and Karen

March 28th

21 days old




Zoe and Mindy
Movie - listen closely for puppy noises!
Movie - up and walking around (sort of)

March 26th

19 days old

Mindy with "Foster Mom" Janeen

Mindy (the one on top) with Zoe,
Ginger, Hammie, and Cosmo

March 24th

17 days old