I spent the week of October 11-16, 1998 on a Bike Vermont, Inc. trip, cycling through the hills of New Hampshire. 

The Dartmouth/Kezar Lake Region route was quite scenic, very hilly, and filled with millions of colorful trees, just about at the peak of the season.


The 19 cyclists and 2 guides made up a fantastic group!  We had lots of laughs before, during and after the exhilarating bike rides!

Evenings at 3 country inns were filled with laughter, games, animated discussions, and way too much great food.

The photos on these pages depict some of the scenery, fun, and camaraderie that we shared.

Sunday evening---views of Lyme, NH and the Alden Country Inn. 1alden_inn.jpg (124189 bytes) 1leaves3.jpg (81827 bytes)
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More photos:   Monday  |  Tuesday  |   Wednesday  |  Thursday   |  Friday