Pictures of what used to be the Naval Training Center (NTC) Orlando
December 1999

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Gate from Winter Park
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Boarded up Guard Shack
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The Roundhouse at RTC
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The Training ship
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RTC Field House
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RTC Welcome sign
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The Main Gate
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RTC Chapel
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Service School Command (from the back)
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was McDonald's
12.JPG (40794 bytes)
was Anchors Ole
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Intersection at Main Gate
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Nuclear Power School Gate
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Old NTC sign
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New Apartments across Bennet from gate by Nuclear Power School
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Park just outside the back gate on the way to the hospital
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More of the park
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Residents of the park
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Across the Lake from the Hospital
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The O'Club?

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My Condo in Oviedo ('91-'94)
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The old site of NAVDAF at Research Park
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My apartment (in 1981) outside the back gate