5 Days at Walt Disney World for New Year's Week 1999-2000
Karen, Katie, Brad, David and Kyle

room.JPG (67484 bytes)
Our room at Shades of Green....
backview.JPG (86897 bytes)
...on the golf course
K&D1.JPG (32262 bytes)
Playing around in the room Monday night.
santadino.JPG (25656 bytes)
Tuesday at the Wild Animal Kingdom.
KDKdinopit.JPG (56576 bytes) treeoflife.JPG (103265 bytes)
The Tree of Life
hangingaround.JPG (101675 bytes)
David just hanging around
flamingo.JPG (80393 bytes)
withduck.JPG (57898 bytes)
Character Breakfast
elephant.JPG (87127 bytes)
giraffe.JPG (87361 bytes)
...and Giraffes...
Dscream.JPG (45579 bytes)
...and Wild Natives(?)...
drummer.JPG (34186 bytes)
...playing Native music.
Karen-tree.JPG (66350 bytes)   Donna-tree.JPG (91330 bytes)
High Tea at the Grand Floridian with Donna Wright
GrandFloridianTree.JPG (113816 bytes)
The tree goes up many stories!
gingerbreadhouse.JPG (48882 bytes)
Life-sized Gingerbread House in the Lobby
beach.JPG (87422 bytes)
And the beach right outside the Grand Floridian.
mainstreet.JPG (75814 bytes)
Tuesday night at the Magic Kingdom.
elecparade1.JPG (109870 bytes)
The Main Street Electrical Parade.
elecparade2.JPG (55949 bytes) elecparade3.JPG (29650 bytes)
towofter.JPG (79248 bytes)
The Tower of Terror at MGM Wednesday.
bryants1.JPG (70069 bytes) shades-lake.JPG (97675 bytes)
k&d.JPG (37899 bytes) bryants2.JPG (115176 bytes) grflorid.JPG (55062 bytes)
The Grand Floridian from the monorail.
mainstWed.JPG (117493 bytes)
Magic Kingdom Wednesday afternoon..
castle.JPG (97326 bytes) all-castle.JPG (132666 bytes)
castle2.JPG (95870 bytes) kdk.JPG (102128 bytes) mansion.JPG (133419 bytes)
golfer2.jpg (60435 bytes)
Brad Bryant won a Disney golf tournament
the year before Tiger Woods did!
A Luau Dinner at

Polynesian Village Hotel

Wednesday night.

luau.JPG (68435 bytes)
luau2.JPG (54982 bytes) luau3.JPG (47906 bytes) luau4.JPG (32497 bytes)
Thursday was a day off from the parks so no pictures!   Thursday night the boys went to their own kids celebration while the adults went to the Disney city of Celebration. snow1.JPG (75687 bytes)
It snows every night at Celebration!
snow2.JPG (41483 bytes)
Friday --

New Year's Eve 1999

at the Magic Kingdom

bryants3.JPG (97526 bytes) d&k.JPG (119269 bytes)
castle3.JPG (110894 bytes)
The castle...again
crowd1.JPG (66031 bytes)
A very small part of the huge crowd.
crowd2.JPG (75721 bytes)
and more crowd...
crowd3.JPG (61779 bytes)
...and even more crowd.
bryants4.JPG (60974 bytes)
Midnight Dec 31, 1999
kbdk.JPG (41909 bytes)
Midnight plus a minute, January 1, 2000
fireworks.JPG (58909 bytes)
Fireworks to celebrate the new Millennium
bryants5.JPG (57182 bytes)
Monorail back to the Shades of Green
kyle.JPG (31333 bytes)
k&d2.JPG (39455 bytes) david.JPG (23020 bytes)
kkkd.JPG (68682 bytes)
boys.JPG (37908 bytes)
He ain't heavy, he's my brother.
all.JPG (35879 bytes)
Our own New Year's celebration...
chers.JPG (42066 bytes)
....back at the room
New Year's Day - EPCOT epcot1.JPG (70206 bytes) epcot2.JPG (53507 bytes)
epcot3.JPG (153186 bytes) epcot4.JPG (97297 bytes) epcot5.JPG (95923 bytes)
epcot6.JPG (51135 bytes) epcot7.JPG (98264 bytes) epcot8.JPG (101384 bytes)
epcot9.JPG (85441 bytes) epcot10.JPG (104481 bytes) kyle2.JPG (76554 bytes)
mexico.JPG (101975 bytes) 2000a.JPG (90298 bytes)
One last shot of all of us together,
under Mickey's hand....
2000b.JPG (246648 bytes)
...in front of the Spaceship Earth.

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