This page is for all the other Overalls out there who have been kind enough to write when finding the Webpage. Just some information for those who want to contact each other for more Overall sharing!

Also included is information on other people named Overall...whether relatives or not. Just for fun.

Bobby Overall

We are Overalls from western Tenn. My grandmother was married to a Clyde Overall who had a brother Claude. Clyde lived in Paris Tenn. And mostly Trenton Tenn. In Union County. My Dad is Robert Clyde Overall, only child, who is retired in Sarasota, he has four kids, my self Robert C. Jr., Hall Charles Overall, Ramon Towns Overall, and Jeanne Overall Lyles (1 son). Currently there are Robert Clyde's grand kids, Robert W., Devon Trenton, Seth M, Gregory J.(who has 2 boys), Virginia L., Aaron R., and Chester L. Overall, along with Tippory Overall Thomassie, and Breann Overall Lemoine (who has 3 kids). Most all of them live in the Baton Rouge area.

Carol Ann Paine-Blooding

My grandmother was Emma Keel Overall (1877-1932). She was from Tipton County, TN but married and lived in Shelby County, TN. Her husband was Robert B. Paine. I am told that her parents were John and Louisa C. Overall. She had a sister named Rosie. I have also been told that they were orphaned at an early age and went to live with an uncle. My information stops here. Maybe someone from your site would have more information.

Karl Overall

My name is Karl Overall. My ancestor's came from Wales and England originally and settled in the Tennessee Valley in the 1700's (William Overall, his brother, Nathaniel, and their families) in the Cumberland Gap and around what is now the town of Overall, Tennessee just west of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. My grandmother researched the family about 40 years ago and I have her original research and family history information going back to Wales and England. I will be adding my grandmother's records to the website soon.

Andrew Todd Overall

My name is Andrew. I am from Louisville, Kentucky. I am descended from the Nathaniel line of Tennessee. I was amazed to see such a site on the web! I want to know how I can submit my comments to be added to the "Other Overalls" page of your site. I have some photos of the old Overall House in Lascassas, Tennessee (the same one in the drawing submitted by Tommy - he's my dad's cousin from Birmingham, Alabama) before it was demolished in 2001.

Richard and Genois Holmes

My name is Genois Holmes and I live in Amarillo Texas. I have been searching for my great grandfather, John Joseph Overall. I have been told that he was born about 1831 in England. He may have been married to a Clara Harnes b about 1832 to 1836 also England. They came to the USA, and in 1871 they were in Neosho, Newton County, Missouri. My grandmother was born July 1871. She was Clara Roxanna Overall. That's all I know and I am not sure if the information is correct. If you have any information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Kim Cha

Would love to find out some info on Beulah McCutchen Overall of Dunklin County Missouri. This is her DAR application:

Wayne and Viv (Overall) Lamshed

Hi Karen and all the other Overall's, Was just poking about looking at Surnames and decided to find out if there were many Overall's. Surprise! In September of 1970 I went from an OVERALL to a LAMSHED - not particularly inspiring, either of them!!!! Just thought I would drop you a note and let you know that there are Overall's a plenty in Australia. I am one of three daughters, Vivienne, Elizabeth and Kathryn, of Donald and Norma Overall and we live in Adelaide South Australia. It was beaut to have a look at photoes of the American 'connection' - good looking lot you all are! OK good to talk to you, Regards Viv Lamshed

Francis A. Lewis (nee Overall)

I have just been directed to your Overall web site by Gerald J Overall (Joe)OK and decided to make contact with you out of interest as I am researching my family here in the UK. First of all a little about myself , my name is Frances Ann Lewis (nee Overall) I was born on 4th September 1940 in Croydon, Surrey, England. I am married to John and live in York, England. I have two step-sons James 40yrs and Alan 35yrs, one step-daughter Anne Marie 38yrs, a foster son Dean 37yrs and one adopted son Ian 31yrs who is handicapped and the only one unmarried. I started researching my family history some years ago, came to a number of dead ends and put it to one side for what has turned out to be a long, long time. Both my Parents have died over this past 18 months,my father passed away in Jan 2001 and it has sparked off a desire to find out more of where our roots came from. I have traced them back to London then to Essex and that is where I am at for the present. Joe's ancestors came from Essex as well, as yet we haven't found a link, but I'm sure we will. When I stared the search I thought it was going to be easy as Overall is not a name I have ever come across during my travels. They all seem to have originated in Essex and Hertford but through Joe, found that at least two young men emigrated to America and there are some in Canada as well. So who knows we may well have a distant link as well!! Sincerely Frances

Chris Overall

We are Aussie Overalls living in Vancouver Canada. In 1822, 3 Overalls left Surrey UK and landed in Adelaide and I think that is where most, if not all Overalls in Oz sprung from. Mostly in that region and then in Sydney. Here is my mums email, she has all the family tree stuff and would love to contact you! Natalie - Chris - University of British Columbia, Department of Oral Biological and Medical Sciences & Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Glenn Overall

Hi! Stumbled on your website thru Google and was surprised to see brother Rick's name there. My name is Glenn, I live in Brockville, Ontario, Canada and am an agricultural journalist (or that's what it sez on my diploma). Quite a few of us up here. Don't know if Rick mentioned, but my late grandmother Julie (nee Edwards) arrived in Canada from via The Empress of Ireland with her sister Daisy about 1914. The ship collided with a Norwegian freighter in the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the return leg and somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,400 people drowned. On that cheerful note I'll sign off. Nice to see your site. Best wishes, Glenn.

Mario E. Overall

Just a quickie to let you know that there is an Overall family down here in Guatemala (Central America). My grandfather's father -Charles Overall Wilkie- came to this country around 1920, from England. Most of his sons (including my grandfather) were born in England too, during a period on which he returned to the island. Just thought that it would be interesting to share this with you.

Rick Overall

Journalist and internet writer/broadcaster in Carleton Place, Toronto, Canada

Laura Jones

Louisville, Kentucky -- I am just getting started thinking about tracing my father's family and came across your website. His name was Wilson Overall, born in Fayetteville, MO in 1906. His mother was mary 'Mammie' Smith Overall from (I believe Throckmorton Co., TX). My father's grandfather was Nathan Overall, mayor of St. Charles in 1860(ish). My father's family left Fayetteville, MO for California somewhere around 1930. Wilson Overall's brothers and sister were named: Asa, Nathaniel, Solon, Ezra, Ann and Corrin (who dies in a buggy accident around 1910). Don't know if this helps you at all. In the event that there is any connection I wish you well in your search. There are not a ton of us "Overalls". Sincerely, Mary Overall 806 Eucalyptus Ave. Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Gwen Margaret Overall (Spencer)

Pickering, Ontario, Canada (born in Toronto, Canada. Mother's name is Gwenneth Violet Overall and she was born in Montreal, Canada. Her father, now deceased, was Ralph Overall. He moved from Montreal to live in Kansas city, Mo.)

Robert (Bob) Roy Overall

Gwen's half brother -- Robert Roy Overall Personal Appearance: Male, white Caucasian, blond (light-medium brown, with touch of red) hair, blue eyes, 5' 8" tall, 140 lbs heavy. Language(s): English only. Birthdate: July 30th, 1951. Birthplace: St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Current Street Address: 49 Willows Lane, Ajax, Ont. Canada L1S 6E7. Wife: Gloria Isabella Overall Son: Jonathan Matthew Overall

N. S. Thomas Overall (Tom)

Birmingham, Alabama (See picture at bottom of this page)

David and Denise Overall and

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

David/Denise's son, Christian

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Gerald Overall (Joe)


Mark Overall (returned)

New Caney, Texas

Sean Overall (Richard's son)

Houston, Texas

Richard Overall (updated 10/08)

from West Tennessee now living in Cheyenne, WY.

Dennis Overall

Dennis' father was Robert, born in Pampa, TX. His father was Elting Johnson Overall, born in Ennis, TX in 1898, and his father was Wood Overall born in 1867 in Kentucky. Wood's father and grandfather were both named John and both born in Kentucky, in 1830 and 1795.

Dennis Lee Overall

My father was Alfred Overall and my Grandfather was E.S. Overall, they called him Slim. I live in Loogootee Indiana and my father and Grandfather were from Pampa, Texas.

Noel Young

Great-grandfather=James Baxter Overall from Tenn. Several family members in Texas and Oklahoma.We're related

Jason Overall

I ran across this page trying to find out more about my family tree, quite interesting to see how many more Overalls out there. We're originally from Ponca, City OK and have been in central FL. for 30 plus years.

Anne Ely Overall

I am Anne Ely Overall, married to a Massey. My father was Nathaniel Turner Overall, Jr. My grandfather was from Milton, Tenn & came to Birmingham when he was grown. I live in Tuscaloosa, AL, but I have family in the Birmingham area, in Kentucky, Indiana and the Memphis area. My brother, N. S. Thomas Overall (Tom) provided the picture of the Overall home.

Overall Family Civil War Letters:

Orvie Overall is tied with 9 others for 35 strike outs during a World Series Championship. (something like 19th place over all other pitchers)

From a Chicago Cubs Website: The Pitching Staff - 1907

Having lost the 1906 World Series to the cross-town White Sox in seven hard-fought games, the Cubs faced another strong challenge in the Ô07 Fall Classic. Their opponents, the Detroit Tigers -- led by 20 year-old Ty Cobb -- had one of the better offenses in baseball, but the Chicago pitching staff rose to the occasion. Cub starters Jack Pfiester, Ed Reulbach, Orval Overall, and Three Finger Brown each pitched complete game victories, holding Cobb to a paltry .200 batting average, as the Cubs swept the Tigers in four games.

The Last Champions - 1908

Thanks to late-inning heroics in the first two games and great pitching performances in the last two, the 1908 Chicago Cubs were able to knock off the Detroit Tigers in the World Series¨ Championship for the second consecutive year. Down 6-5 in the top of the ninth inning of Game One, the Cubs managed to string together six straight hits, scoring five times to cap off a 10-6 victory. Joe TinkerŐs eighth-inning homer the next day broke a scoreless tie, leading the Cubs to a 6-1 win. After a Game Three loss, Three Finger Brown and 'Orvie' Overall strung together back to back shutout victories, clinching the series for the Cubbies. They havenŐt won a World Series Championship since.

Data sources: and

Orvie Overall was a pitcher with the Chicago Cubs. This is a copy of his baseball card:




Tom Overall (see above) says this cabin is in Lascassas, TN. His Great-Great-Grandfather built it,
and it's still in pretty good condition!