Slides and photos from Edsel Eugene Overall

A big thank you to nephew Richard Richards II who lovingly spent hours and hours scanning!!  

751 photos                    Slides with writing on them


Filenames start with the Box number.  Some of the boxes had info on them:
    Box1 - Nov 1964 / 6040 Vivian St / Arvada Colorado
    Box2 - Sep 60 / 207 E. Coronado Rd / Santa Fe New Mexico
    Box3 - Jun 59 / 4713 Delamar NE, Albuquerque
    Box4 - Jun 59 / Coco Palms Inn / Lihue / Kauai Hawaii
    Box5 - same
    Box6 - none
    Box7 - none
    Box8 - none
    Box9 - none
    Box10 - Las Vegas Convention

Some of the backs of  slides had information that was hand written on them.  They were scanned in and are at the "Slides with writing on them" link above.

The color slides were scanned at 24bit color / 600dpi.  The outsides of the slides were scanned at 8bit grey scale / 300dpi.  All scans were done over the March 1,  2014 weekend. 

Rich also scanned in printed pages that Gene (aka Edsel) had written about his early years. 

"E's Story"