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Fall 2000 Class from Countryside Christian Church

"Mid-Term" Social

November 2000

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Tom and Charlie chat with Pam
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Kathy force-drinks Fanny
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Ron, Ted and Dennis
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Post-dinner entertainment
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Getting to know each other better
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Ted tells his favorite story
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Fanny and Pam have fun during "Taboo"
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Carolyn and Karen pose for the camera
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Carolyn, the photogenic one!
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More group fun
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Kathy, Mary Lou and Debbie
remembering the great food!

Post - Class Social

February 2001

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Dennis and Charlie
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Mary Lou, Tom and Pam
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Ted waves hello
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Fanny and Dennis working in the kitchen
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Pam bids farewell
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Pam and Tom on their way out the door - still...
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Our Fearless Leader
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Charlie poses for future Crown "advertising"
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Dennis is happy in his home...
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Dennis poses too - for something...
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The Hixons play for the camera
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