Puppy Pics March/April 2003

More Pics - 2004

Mindy's first 6 months - 2003

October 18th

October 5th

September 6th


September 5th with neighbors, Brendan and Meghan

August 31st     

August 24th


August 23rd

August 19th with the Townshends


August 16th (recovering after getting spayed August 15th)

August 2nd

eyeing Zoe Sontag

with Todd Sontag and Madison Hinson

July 29th before another grooming

Movies: Playing with cat toyPlaying

with Kermit

White Roots!

Next haircut will result in a white head of hair!

July 24th with Grace (mother) and Cosmo (brother)

July 14th - 16th

With Abby Davey

July 4th (Watching the Brandermill Parade--followed by another bath!)

June 28th (16 weeks)
First Trip to the Groomer




June 25th  

June 15th


June 8th


movie with the Dupuis Family

May 24th "My First Bath"

I hate being wet!!
Aaah, dry and fluffy is much better, thank you!

May 20th  

movie - with Grace movie - kissing Melissa

May 18th  (10 weeks)

May 9th-11th  (9 weeks)

movie - with Grace

movie - learning to go down stairs

movie - quick run

May 3rd


Brian and Lori bring
Madison over to meet Mindy

May 1st  (8 weeks)



April 30th

April 28th (7 1/2 weeks)

at Mindy's Puppy-hood home with The Dupuis Family and "Mom" Grace


April 21st (6 1/2 weeks)                             movie1



April 18th (6 weeks)
Janice and Will Townshend visit on Mindy's first night home.