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Monterey Bay Area Info

Very useful information from Amy!

Iíve been looking at things to do in the area and reminiscing about things we used to do when we lived there and thereís way too much to do in the short time weíre there. Hereís my list. I have included some links to websites. I suggest that if members of the group want to add more information or websites to this list to help in planning our reunion to send them along and Iíll update the list and resend it periodically.

Lodging Options

Navy Lodge: 831-372-6133,

Reservations 1-800-Navy-Inn (1-800-628-9466)


BOQ Naval Postgraduate School: (831) 656-2026/2069


Inns, Hotels and Other places to Stay

There are hundreds. Iím including a couple of links to places we looked at. The prices and availability vary widely.

Yahoo's Inn Listing for the Monterey Bay area

Yahoo's Hotel Listing for the Monterey Bay area

A listing of some of Monterey's Inns

A reservation service for Monterey


Places To Go And Things To Do

Dinner at the Frewís Ė the night of 17 Aug. Barry and Jeanne have invited us to their beautiful home for dinner Saturday night, 17 Aug.

Group Picture by the Roman Plunge Ė Iíll call PG school and try to grease this so we donít have to talk our way in like last time. Bring your cameras and weíll take turns taking pictures and posing. We could follow it up with a trip up the tower for views of the bay.

Monterey Bay Aquarium: http://www.montereybayaquarium.com is the website. There is always a lot happening at the aquarium but their calendar does not extend as far out as August. Since there is usually a line, we should pick a time and order tickets in advance. The tickets are $17.95 for adults and if we get a group of 20 or more we can get a slightly reduced group rate. I might also be able to get a group rate from MWR if theyíll deal with alumni. Iíll call and find out. It might be fun to go at 10:30 which is both otter and penguin feeding time then have a walk on the bike path and lunch in the area. Iíll do some research to see what restaurants are there.

Carmel Lunch or Dinner/Shopping/ Sunset Ė It might be nice to spend an afternoon or evening browsing through the shops in Carmel, having dinner at the Hogís Breath Inn or other favorite restaurant (Send me your favorites) and then maybe have a walk on the beach and if weíre lucky watch the sun set over the Monterey Bay from Carmel beach.

Tour a winery. There are tons of winerys and wine tasting shops. There are a couple of shops in downtown Monterey near Cannery Row. There are also lots of other beautiful vineyards a short drive from Monterey. Hereís a link to a list of wineries: http://www.adventur.com/monterey/wineries.htm Does anyone know any of these and have any interest in going to any of them?

Kayak in Monterey Bay. Bill and I did this one time when we were there and it was fun but it is best to go on a calm day because you can get blown around and wet on a windy day. http://www.montereykayak.com/kayaktour.htm ABSea Kayaks offers tours for $50. http://www.adventuresbythesea.com/html/kayak.html Adventures by the Sea also offers tours for $50 or you can rent kayaks and gear for $30 and go it alone.

Take a drive on 17 Mile Drive. I believe that there is an admission fee for this which Iíll try to find. The views are lovely. Golfers may want to bring their checkbooks, credit cards, 2nd mortgage on the house, and spend an afternoon Golfing at Pebble Beach.

Golf. I didnít research this one because Iím decidedly not a golfer but I would be remiss not to mention golf as an option since this is prime golf turf and though youíd be hard pressed to prove it to me all golf courses arenít the same. Do the golfers want to add some golf links to this?

Maritime Museum of Monterey. This is new since we went to school there but it looked as if it might be worth a look. Itís near Fishermanís Wharf and a walk on the wharf would fit in with this. I couldnít find a cost on this yet but Iíll research it. MWR might have discount tickets if youíre interested.

Shopping and/or Eating in the Barnyard. Itís still one of my all time favorite shopping centers. Itís a lovely place to just sit or spend lots of money. There are a lot of great restaurants there too!

Carmel Mission. This is a lovely peaceful spot. Again, I think there is an admission fee, which Iíll research. Itís worth a visit if you havenít been for 10 or 15 years.

Big Sur and maybe lunch at Nepenth or Ventana Inn or a picnic at Pfeiffer or Andrew Molera State Park. We stayed at Ventana Inn for a couple days before our last reunion and Big Sur is not the same as it was before but itís still beautiful, there are just a whole lot more people and a lot more traffic. If youíre inclined to camp there is a lovely campground at the feet of marvelous redwoods just down the hill from Ventana Inn.

This is the link for Nepenthe, they even have a live cam of the view from the outdoor seating area. We should make a reservation if we want to eat in Big Sur, especially on the weekend. This is the link to Pfeiffer state park:
Thereís always a lot to see and do in Big Sur!

Point Lobos. For outdoor and nature fans. Point Lobos is a wonderland. I love the tide pools, ground squirrels, marine mammals, birds of all sorts and the wild look of the place. Itís good to have binoculars and good walking shoes for this one. The cost is $3.00 per vehicle and itís best to go early on weekend days because parking is limited and you may have to wait for a space or park on the highway and walk in. This is a favorite of mine, can you tell. Hereís the link http://pt-lobos.parks.state.ca.us/

What have I missed? Thereís so much!!! Feedback is appreciated. Even if we donít do everything together, this can be a resource for individual tours.

Other Stuff

Naval Postgraduate School Alumni Association: http://www.npsfoundation.org/

Naval Postgraduate School Website: http://www.nps.navy.mil

Naval Postgraduate School Main Phone Number: (831) 656-2441