Overall Family Reunion-1996

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Sunrise on Destin Beach
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The Flemings (now ex-) condo
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All lined up and ready for the sun!
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Rebecca at work deep sea fishing...
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...and her prize!!
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Other fisherpersons: Geoff, Theresa and Dorion
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Adult Coloring 101
coloring2.JPG (67495 bytes)
And more coloring practice
rebecca.JPG (47026 bytes)
Rebecca poses her favorite pose!
Famous quote from Nancy, "If everyone will eat just 6 more pieces of fish it will all be gone."  Little did she realize what this would set in motion.  Days, weeks and months later, relatives sent Nancy their very old, smelly, lethal fish.  This resulted in her supposed demise and letters threatening to sue for illegal fish trafficking.... all.jpg (69488 bytes)
All attendees gather at the Fleming's
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Nancy and Geoff
(they must have eaten too much!)
...which in turn resulted in a fishy sympathy arrangement, that FTD would have nothing to do with (but the mailman unwittingly did)!   wpe4.jpg (1418 bytes)

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Click here to see the

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words on the "vase".

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