PL-63 10 year Reunion
Saturday morning at the NPS Pool
(The event that almost didn't happen!!)

poolall9.jpg (86298 bytes)
"The Grads"
poolmissingman.jpg (78446 bytes)
Missing Man Formation
poolallfromleft.jpg (102229 bytes)
From the Left.....
poolallfromright.jpg (74809 bytes)
.....From the Right
poolwithspouses.jpg (76740 bytes)
Grads and Spouses
poolamy&bill1.jpg (58776 bytes)
Amy and Bill
poolbills.jpg (69491 bytes)
Silly Bill
poolbillsgadz.jpg (65085 bytes)
Bill and Gadz
pooldonnajanet.jpg (64676 bytes)
Donna and Janet
poolgadzbill.jpg (57846 bytes)
Gadz and Bill
poolgroup.jpg (77954 bytes)
Group shot
poolgroup2.jpg (75462 bytes)
And another group shot
pooljanet!.jpg (57274 bytes)
Janet--up CLOSE & personal
poolpeteamybill.jpg (66012 bytes)
Pete, Amy and Bill
poolpete.jpg (70628 bytes)
poolj&b.jpg (65362 bytes)
Janet & Bill
poolkaren&janet.jpg (68590 bytes)
Karen and Janet
poolstewarts.jpg (61138 bytes)
The Stewart Clan
poolroomies.jpg (64380 bytes)
Post-NPS Roomies
pooldonnasilly.jpg (66832 bytes)
Donna & her normal pose
pooljim.jpg (59712 bytes)
pooljanet.jpg (69631 bytes)
Janet again
poolgadzsilly.jpg (65454 bytes)
Gadz - what a cutie
poolroomiessilly.jpg (67745 bytes)
Silly girls

Friday Night Festivities

At the pool

Portrait Gallery

On the Tower

Saturday at the Frews

Sunday Brunch at the Tinnery

Miscellaneous pictures

Jim's pictures